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I’ve been supporting this project for a long time, since I first heard about it on the Obscure Handhelds blog. This is an amazing piece of hardware that should appeal to every homebrew and emulator fan who has enjoyed systems like the CAANOO and Dingoo.

Please support the Kickstarter and help this great community project reach a larger audience. Also, there is already a great group of gamers discussing the device in the forums.

The GCW is a homebrew handheld console targeting fans of emulation and retro gaming. There is a vibrant scene of people dedicated to these niche portables devices; consoles like the Dingoo and CAANOO.

This upcoming entrant in this market is shaping up to be a promising and high-powered console. The creator has been in pre-order mode recently, and some test devices have gone out while development is underway. The ship date is scheduled for October, and the video above is the latest demo. If you’re a fan of fun import emulation gaming machines like this, I recommend following the excellent Obscure Handhelds blog.

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